Monday, December 24, 2007

Hajj Knowledge - 4 (final post in this topic)

The Compulsory Acts of Hajj:

  1. Wearing Ihram from the Miqat.
  2. Spending a day at Arafat.
  3. Spending the night in Muzdalefah.
  4. Staying in Mena (the days of Tashreeq).
  5. Casting at the Jamarat.
  6. Shaving off head or shortening the hair.
  7. The Farewell Tawaaf.

For missing one of these compulsory acts, one must offer a sacrifice of an animal, slaughtered in Haram area and distributed among the poor and the needy of the Haram. He/She mustn't eat from it and his/her Hajj is correct. It is not permissible to leave any act on purpose.

Things Forbidden on a Person While in the State of Ihram:

  • Things forbidden on both men and women:
    1.Removing hair from any parts of one's body.
    2.Trimming of nails.
    3.Using perfumes (avoid scented soap).
    4.Physical sexual contact with the spouse with or without intercourse.
    5.Wearing gloves.
    6.Hunting (land) animals.
    7.Contracting marriage or proposing for potential spouse, neither for you not for others.
  • Things forbidden on men; not women:
    1.Wearing of sewed clothes.
    2.Covering the man's head with anything that touches the head (umbrellas are ok.)
  • Things forbidden on women only: Wearing veils with holes for the eyes (Niqab) or Burqa. The Sunnah is for her to uncover her face except if men not related to her might see her. In such case, it is obligatory for her to cover her face during Ihram and otherwise.Whoever performs any of these violations of Ihram due to forgetters, ignorance or by compulsion, he or she is not charged with expiation except hunting, here Fidyah (Kaffarah) is compulsory.

Visiting the Prophet’s Mosque:

It is Sunnah to go to Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah at any convenient time with the intention of visiting the Prophet’s Masjid (Mosque) and to pray in it as prayers performed in this Mosque are rewarded by a thousand folds over prayers observed in any other mosques save except the Sacred Mosque, according to Hadith of the Prophet (PBUH).
  • It should be noted that there is neither Ihram or Talbiyah for visiting the prophet’s Mosque and no connection whatsoever between this visit and Hajj. If you perform Hajj without visiting the Prophet’s Mosque, your Hajj is correct.
  • When you enter the Prophet’s Mosque, enter with your right foot first, saying in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful and evoking blessing on His Prophet (PBUH) and Ask Allah to open the gates of His mercy for you. The recommended words for entering any mosque including the Prophet’s Mosque are: “Audhu billah – ila-dheem wa wajhi hil-kareem, wa sultanihil –qadeem mina Al-shaytan Al-Rajeem. Allaahumma Iftah li abwaba rahmatik”.Which means “I seek refuge in Allah the Al-mighty, and in His noble countenance and in His eternal power, from Satan the Rejected. Allah, open to me the doors of Your Mercy”.
  • Perform two Rakats (units) of Tahiyyat Al-Masjid (the salaat of Greetings of the Mosque) If this prayer is in Rawdha (the space between the Prophet’s grave and his pulpit in his Masjid), it would be preferable or in any place in the Mosque.
  • Then go to the tomb of the prophet (may peace and blessings be on him). Stand in front of it uttering politely with the low voice: “Assalamu ‘alaika, ayyuhan-nabiyyu wa rahmatu allahi wa barakatuku”, sallallahu alayka wa jazak an ummatika khair al-jaza”.Which means: “Peace be upon you, O Prophet and the mercy and blessings of Allah, and call for the blessings of Allah on him. May Allah reward you on behalf of your Ummah (people) with the best of rewards”.
  • Then step forward to your right hand to face the grave of Abu Baker and say: “Assalamu alaika ya aba Bakr Khalifata Rasul Allah Sallallahu Alayhi wa sallam warahmat Allah wabarakatuha. Radhi Allahu Anka wajazak an ummat Muhammad Khairan”. Which means: “peace be upon you O’ Abu Baker – the successor of the prophet PBUH. May Allah reward you on behalf of Mohammad’s people with the best rewards”.
  • Then you go a wee bit further to the right to face the grave of Omar Bin Al –Khataab and say: “Assalamu alaika ya Umar – Amir Al Mumineen- warahmat Allah wabarakatuhu. Radhi Allah Anka wajazak an ummat Muhammad Khairan”.Which means: “May Allah bless upon you O’Omar- may Allah reward you on behalf of Mohammad’s people with the best rewards”.
  • It is Sunnah to have (Taharah) ablution and visit Masjid of Quba and offer Salaat in it as the Prophet (PBUH) did so.
  • It is also Sunnah to visit the graves of al-Baqi cemetery and the grave of Uthman (May Allah be pleased with him) and the martyrs of the Battle of Uhud and the grave of Hamza (May Allah be pleased with him); to greet them and to pray for the mercy of Allah upon them where you say: “Assalamu alaikum ahlal-diyar minil-mumineen wal-muslimeen wa inna insha-Allah bikum lalaheqoon. Nasalal –Laha Lana wa lakumul-affiyah”.Which means : (Peace be upon you, O dweller of this place from among the believers and the Muslims, and we will in Shaa Allah join you. We ask Allah for security from the Fire of Hell for us and for you).
  • Note:

    There are no other mosques or places in Madinah, which are to be visited. Therefore, do not burden yourself by visiting places for which there is no reward or for which, in fact, there might be some blame for doing so.

    By this, the hand book has been concluded.

    At the end, I ask Allah that this hand book to be of great benefit and make it with sincerity.

    With the end of this topic i pray for every one to be blessed and forgiven by Allah [swt] and that for those who are already in hajj to return home safe and peacful, and for those who are not gone yet to hajj to be written for them to perform hajj soon insha-Allah and be in good health and wealth.


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